Industrial Valve Repair & Maintenance

Timely Solutions for Maintenance, Repairs, Emergency & Scheduled Outages

We understand that timely maintenance and repair of your valves is critical to prevent costly delays.

Drawing on 25+ years of experience, our team of expert technicians provide reliable, cost-effective valve repair solutions for your facility’s needs. Whether it’s a time-sensitive repair job or the development of a long-term maintenance plan, our team will help minimize your operational downtime and maximize your long-term profitability.

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Best in Class Valve Repair & Remanufacturing Facilities

Valsource takes pride in providing Valve Repair Solutions that meet the highest industry standards. Our valve repair and remanufacturing facilities come equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair technologies, enabling us to deliver quality-assured repairs and remanufacturing services in the most efficient manner possible.

Our facilities include specialized control areas, pipeline quality control zones & a range of workshops – including a CNC machining center, general machine shop, welding shop, and cleaning room.
We ensure that all our repairs and remanufacturing services meet the most stringent quality requirements.
Once your valves pass through our state-of-the-art system, our team of certified technicians conducts rigorous testing to guarantee that your part is remanufactured or repaired with the utmost precision.
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To get your repair process started, give us a call or request a quote today. Our dedicated team will answer any questions and coordinate the repair process.

Our Easy 5-Step Repair Process

Our 5-Step repair process was designed with your operational needs in mind. Our certified technicians follow a strict process from initial inspection to final quality control in order to guarantee superior quality with each valve repair. We want to ensure that our repairs meet the highest safety and performance standards. Only once your valves pass our rigorous quality control tests will valves be returned with photographed documentation of the repairs and a detailed repair report for your records. Take a look below to see the full 5-step process.

Pre-Test and Disassembly

  • We begin with a thorough pre-test and photo documentation of your valve’s condition.
  • We assess functionality through various tests.
  • We disassemble its component parts to remove corrosion, rust, and debris from all components.

Quality Control Inspection and Machining

  • During this second repair phase, we will initiate our quality control inspection process, utilizing photographs and professional guidance from our QC inspector to ensure the optimal solution for your valve remanufacturing project. 
  • This stage may involve machining and welding repairs to ensure precise restoration and optimal functionality of your valve.

Assembly, Testing, Diagnostics

  • Our technicians remanufacture and assemble your valve, ensuring it adheres to precise OEM specifications.  
  • Rigorous shell and seat leak tests are performed to guarantee compliance with ANSI, API-6D, and FCI-70-2-2013 requirements. 
  • Valves are then thoroughly calibrated and tested for optimal functionality and efficiency.  
  • If applicable, Valvelink or Benchmark diagnostics are conducted.

Final Inspection and Photographic Record

  • Following reassembly completion, we conduct a final comprehensive inspection of your valve, ensuring that it meets Valsource’s stringent quality and safety requirements.
  • Detailed photographs are then taken to provide you with a visual record of the remanufacturing process.
  • These photographs serve as your guarantee that the valve is remanufactured to our exacting standards.

Electronic Documentation and Quality Assurance

  • To ensure seamless record-keeping and transparency, we provide you with comprehensive documentation for your company’s records.  
  • This detailed documentation encompasses the entire repair process, from initial assessments to final inspection results, allowing you to maintain accurate records of the valve’s remanufacturing journey.

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