LVS Sup-R-Seal Gate Valves

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The LVS Sup-R-Seal Gate Valve is your trusted conduit and sealing solution even in the toughest conditions.

These gate valves are completely assembled and tested by experienced technicians and manufactured in accordance with API-6D. Suitable for pipeline systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries.

Our expanding gate valve has a through-conduit design with multiple custom packing set arrangements to reduce long-term maintenance costs.


Product Benefits

With meticulous engineering and precision manufacturing, the Sup-R-Seal Model Gate Valve ensures seamless operation and enhanced durability, making it a top choice for various applications.

Double Block & Bleed Capability

Minimizes potential leak paths within the pipeline’s double block and bleed section. Its full bore and interrupted flow orifice design ensures negligible pressure drops, complying with OSHA regulations for isolating energy during hot work.

Protection of Seat Faces

The valve’s seat faces remain in contact with the gate in both open and closed positions, effectively safeguarding them from any contact with line flow. This prolongs their lifespan and facilitates a secure seal when fully closed, simplifying valve body maintenance.

Seamless Flow Channels

Guarantees a smooth and continuous conduit for fluid flow, providing efficient and unhindered passage throughout the system. Its seamless design minimizes turbulence, pressure drops, and energy loss, ensuring reliable and optimal flow performance for various applications.

On-Site Repairs Made Easy

The in-line and field repairable gate valve allows for rapid on-site maintenance, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions. This feature ensures uninterrupted functionality and helps lower costs, increasing the overall efficiency of the system.

Innovative Design & Durability

The advanced construction and innovative design of the gate valve ensures long-term durability and dependable performance. Its superior strength and corrosion resistance makes it an ideal choice for corrosive or abrasive media, extreme temperatures, and high-pressure applications.

Fast & Reliable

Available with fast and reliable delivery to meet your needs, with custom builds also available in as little as three weeks.

Ready to learn more?

Their robust construction and reliability under extreme conditions make them an essential component for maintaining the integrity and safety of critical systems.

Key Features

  • Standard nickel-plated gate and segment
  • Stems are 17-4 stainless steel
  • Certified to API-6D standards (monogrammed)
  • Allows for pigging and multi-media scrapers
  • Lever arms hold gate and segment assembly in a neutral position during operation
  • Finished in enamel gray (variety of finishes available)
  • Standard temperature range –20° F to 250° F
  • Operator extensions are available for above or below-grade applications
  • Customized internal trim & seals for varied service needs

Key Applications

The SRS valves, API 6D Certified (No. 6D-1416), are expertly crafted to excel in a wide array of applications, making them a top choice for various industries including:

  • Liquid & Slurry Piping Systems
  • Crude Oil Transportation
  • Natural Gas Liquids Transport
  • Refined Products
  • Storage Tanks
  • Manifold Valves
sup-r-seal key features
Su R Seal Key applications

Whether you need piping systems for liquids and slurry, the transportation of crude oil, natural gas, refined products, or the need for storage tanks, we’ve got you covered.

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