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Who is Veriforce?

Veriforce is the nation’s leader in regulatory compliance and qualification verification for OQ, D&A, Safety, and Training monitoring. We design, develop, implement, and manage creative solutions to problems operators face daily. Our VeriSource online database system allows instant access to employee and contractor qualifications, with comprehensive backup documentation available for every qualification. We provide unmatched customer service, with personnel to handle inbound and outbound communication about your policies and program requirements, and training programs designed to keep your evaluators and contractors up to date on current standards. Learn more about our OQ compliance, auditing and compliance assessment support by calling our office at 800.426.1604.

What Does Veriforce Do?

Veriforce is the only operator qualification (OQ) service provider that verifies, audits, and has complete documentation for all your compliance records. We are not an off-the-shelf product selling you a database, task list, or canned training. We are an outsourced solution that saves valuable work time for your OQ employees. Our system is real-time accessible so your documentation can be provided on-the-spot.

Your Partner in Compliance

We provide program development assistance and support for energy operators who want to establish or revise their OQ programs. When you work with Veriforce to set up or modify your OQ program, you benefit from our years of experience and extensive knowledge of the connected elements of OQ rule so that your contractors and employees are always in compliance.

We can also manage your incoming and outgoing requirement notifications, perform evaluator authorizations, and manage external qualifications to determine if they meet your company’s requirements for covered tasks. We offer customized training programs for evaluators, internal personnel, and contractors, all centered around your processes. We can minimize your work while maximizing your protection in case of audit. Find out how: 800.426.1604

How is Veriforce Different?

We offer full documentation of every qualification record, so that in the event of an inspection or audit you have full backup for every employee or contractor’s covered task authorizations. In the event of an audit, we offer in-person audit support. We’ll arrive before the auditors, help you answer their questions, and leave after they do so you have support throughout the audit process.

Our VeriSource system offers you instant access to personnel records, including OQ compliance documents and drug and alcohol testing, in addition to field verification and lists of approved vendors and service line installers. Our comprehensive record keeping gives you full backup of personnel records.

Common Covered Tasks

Veriforce does not sell covered task lists. Veriforce helps you administer the covered task list that is right for you. As your operator qualification service provider, we offer a choice of three covered task list options.

Common Covered Task List

The Common Covered Task (CCT) list and its supporting evaluation criteria has been developed in collaboration with Operators, Contractors, and other industry subject matter experts (SMEs). It has also been reviewed and evaluated by DOT regulators. The CCT list is actively maintained and continuously updated based on revised regulations (e.g. alternative MAOP tasks, Control Room Management, etc.), and new technologies. The CCT list makes OQ compliance tracking easy for you. Be assured that the work at your job site will never stop due to unqualified personnel.

Veriforce has numerous Operators that use the CCT list. By utilizing the CCT, list Operators can take advantage of a pool of individuals who are qualified on “common” tasks for other CCT Operators, thereby reducing the cost of qualifying personnel. As new tasks are mandated and criteria changes with technology improvements, you will never be left out. The CCT list is reviewed by a steering committee and continuously updated to keep you current.

You provide your own covered task list, and we administer it for you.

You provide the details of your own program and we integrate it for you. Veriforce will also work with you to develop covered tasks that meet your unique needs.

Hybrid Covered Task List

Select the tasks that match your business needs from the CCT list, plus add tasks that are specific to your company, and we administer a hybrid CCT list for you.

Veriforce will assist you in building a custom program that fits your unique needs.

All covered task list options allow you to maintain full control and ownership of the list you are using. You can customize your list by activating and deactivating tasks, and take advantage of granting options available for contractor qualifications.

We give you access to a pool of qualified Contractors with over 13 million active qualifications and counting.

Building Customized Solutions

We do not sell a task list or training program. We work with your task list and your systems, and customize our system to meet your needs. We will gladly administer your task list, but if you don’t have one or feel your existing task list needs improvement, we can work with you to develop your own, or to modify our existing task list to fit your needs. All of our operator clients receive a personalized solution- we do not offer an off-the-shelf product. To find out what solution works best for you, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Valsource INternational, LLC has just recently become a part of the Veriforce experance in order to branch further into the world of pipeline valve maintenance.



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