Document Uploads & Training Tracker Bundle with Insurance Verification

This annual subscription can help your company as well as your customers’ requirements. Included within this bundle is PEC’s Advanced Training Tracker system as well as the ability to Upload and Archive safety documents in both the SSQ and Training Tracker. By recording, tracking, and maintaining your company’s training records with the Advanced Training Tracker, you will be able to track all PEC, in-house, and third-party training while releasing those records to your customer to ensure compliance. PEC’s upload capability allows you to store your documents securely for six years in a central location which eases the burden of providing documentation to your customer at a moment’s notice. We have packaged this with our Insurance Verification service to provide you with one simple transaction for all of these services.

Insurance Verification

Insurance Verification is for those who have already purchased Document Uploads or CAP. Guarantee that your Operator knows you are properly insured. Purchasing an annual Insurance Verification subscription will send your Insurance Certificate through a third-party review process to ensure that your policies are in line with what your Operator requires. If something is amiss, you will be informed of it and instructed on the best way to correct the problem for another review. We won’t stop until it’s correct and shows your Operator that you are eligible to work! Each Insurance Verification subscription is per Operator and will allow you as many reviews as you need to get it right.

Reporting Component

Make sure you are staying in compliance with operator requirements with the Reporting Component subscription.  With the Reporting Component you will receive a TRIR comparison report and your SSQ report card.  Make sure you are on par with your operators standards by subscribing annually to this service.


PEC’s Standardized Safety Questionnaire (SSQ) is utilized by the industry’s leading oil companies (Operators) and Large Contractors to prequalify and risk assess their Contractors. The information entered into an SSQ by a Contractor is housed in a sophisticated, online database which allows them to release it to Operators as requested. The SSQ’s powerful evaluation and reporting tools enable both parties to make use of the data in order to produce real change and improvements resulting in a smarter, safer industry overall.

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