DISA's unique contractor compliance services are offered through the DISA Contractors Consortium (DCC). Our consortium provides safety and compliance solutions to more of the petrochemical sector than any other provider, making it the largest contractor compliance program of its kind.

Our contractor compliance services:
•Mitigate risk and increase worksite safety
•Enhance hiring processes and improve productivity
•Report employee compliance status on employee and employer level
•Decrease job-hopping and reduce redundant testing
•Result in a work-ready workforce

Owner/operators in the refinery, pipeline, E&P and process manufacturing industries impose employee screening requirements on the contract employees that work on their projects or in their facilities. DISA's unique expertise in this area is providing programs that drive compliance of this contingent workforce to the individual, and often times varying, policy requirements of multiple owners/operators.

Our powerful compliance system offers standardization across multiple owner/operators, for different industrial safety councils, and across various industries and geographies.

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Contractor Compliance Services for Industrial Safety Council Requirements

In 2004, DISA partnered with the Houston Business Roundtable (HBR) and the Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) to create a standardized contractor substance abuse program. This program is known as the Houston Area Substance Abuse Program (NASAP). Originally implemented along the Gulf Coast, NASAP is now a nation-wide program. Though DISA is one of four participating third-party administrators, our company currently performs over 75% of NASAP's drug and alcohol testing.

Also in 2004, DISA developed its background screening vertical, which offers clients the ability to order individual products, as well as customized product packages. We became one of the first providers to grade and evaluate background screens based on specific client or safety-council criteria. When the HBR and HASC implemented the North American Background Screening Consortium (NABSC) in 2007, DISA was again chosen as an approved provider.

Valsource International, LLC uses DISA's services to maintain our personnel's background information, drug testing, and reporting this infomation to our other client required entities.


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