BROWZ delivers authoritative safety and compliance data from prospective suppliers faster, with less effort and greater security.
•Simplified Data Entry. Our intuitive application makes it easy to gather and enter prequalification data. If a contractor chooses, our safety professionals enter the data on their behalf.
•Dedicated Support. A single point of contact for every account offers best practices, answers compliance questions and helps to navigate the traditional challenges of contractor qualification.
•Single-Source Exchange. No more responding to each individual inquiry, no more sending key information over and over again. BROWZ creates and maintains a single file containing all the requirements, reports and compliance criteria. MORE»


BROWZ simplifies handling multiple requests for compliance information minimizing your investment in time and manpower
•Customizable Requirements. By addressing each company's unique compliance requirements, prospective suppliers can more easily meet them. Once registered, contractors need only update prequalification data for newly added clients.
•Advanced Technology. BROWZ builds on the latest technology, enabling clients and suppliers to share information effectively and, most importantly, completely.
•Maximum Security. BROWZ technology and services deliver customizable security support, including user rights. MORE»
About our services and solutions
What BROWZ does and how we do it

While clients, contractors and suppliers have differing objectives and needs, all benefit from participating in the BROWZ network. In addition to making the compliance process less complex, BROWZ delivers clear bottom line benefits like administrative cost reduction, as well as intangible benefits including greater efficiency, new business connections and peace of mind.

Valsource International, LLC has clients that use this origination to maintain contractor compliance. We are kept compliant with them through the use of Browz.  


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